Javier Gómez

Javier Gómez

1957 | Pedro Bernardo, Ávila, Spain

My works imply the sum of elements such as light, optical effects, color, etc., need constancy to see them finished require a physical effort. Cold glass work allows me to spend some time, applying the color as if it were a canvas. In the background is to combine the pictorial with the sculptural, using a material such as glass, but always allowing the glass to be recognizable, identified, and dignified. But all in one to develop volume.

Of all these aspects, none predominates over the rest, but rather they complement each other in a balanced way. Each piece has its own mystery, its own expressivity, and as I observe the reaction of the viewer to see my work, I find that each work has multiple readings and a thousand ways to look at it, to rotate it, to make a light play in it and create spaces interiors that dialogue with the exterior. It is something “one and multiple” because of the varied points of view and aspects that the piece acquires. According to the term, I observe it, dialogue, and I devise a new one that expands the possibilities.

The relationship with my work is that, from the moment of the previous sketches, dialog with it, the development, I give it shape, I see how to approach it and how it behaves. Then one piece takes me to another, to another … I started with glass a long time ago, and maybe because it is something of the material, I propose values ​​in my work that will last.