María Eugenia Diaz de Vivar

María Eugenia Díaz de Vivar (Buenos Aires, 1974), took her first steps in the world of creativity, in the Fine Arts degree, during the nineties. She first ventured into painting, she inherited the art of embroidery from the women of her family, and she studied History of Art and Jewelry.

In the year 2000 she decided to settle in Barcelona, ​​together with her husband and her two daughters. There, while she was trying to reconcile her upbringing with her working life, she fell in love with the city, its architecture, its

stained glass windows and modernism, among other cultural expressions that she was able to appreciate in her trips through Europe.

In 2006 she returned to Buenos Aires, where she began training in stained glass assembly, fusing, lampwork and glass sculpture courses. This fantastic material completely captivated her and motivated her to investigate the current state of glass art in the world.

It was then that she began to collect information on the subject and thus Objects with Glass was born. Since 2007, the blog has disseminated the work of contemporary artists and reflects the activity of artisans, artists, architects and designers, promoting the sector through events.

In recent years she has made study trips to Spain, Canada and the United States. She gave lectures at Espace Verrer (the Montreal School of Glass), and at the Jornadas de Vidrio de Andorra, Spain.

With her research, she collaborates permanently with the Glass Workshop I and II Cátedra: Arq. Carlos Servat, within the framework of the Department of Visual Arts of the National University

of Art (UNA), in Buenos Aires.

She was a member of the advisory council of the Barcelona Glass Foundation and was a columnist in the online publication Vidrioh! of the FCVB. She also collaborated in the I Ibero-American Glass Biennial of MAVA-Alcorcón, Madrid.

Her love for glass allowed her to meet passionate people and discover creative havens and life stories.

Today her work aims to generate new spaces to make visible the work and trade of glass artisans from around the world, as well as open dialogue towards those who want to join in promoting art in full growth.